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Advertising Management

Running successful advertising is of key importance to your company. We not only manage your advertising but we monitor an validate the results. Your ROI is our number on priority.

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Best Keyword Placement

Poor keyword selection will cost you time and money and ultimately generate no sales. 

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Local Online Advertising

Most companies need new leads from a specific region.  Our local targeting brings you local leads looking for exactly what you offer! These leads convert easy.

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Better Conversions

Tracking and analysis of inbound leads is our number one priority to ensure success.  Conversions is what its all about! 

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PPC Management

Winning at PPC Management requires Strategy, Analysis, Creativity and  Dedication. Put our 18 years of knowledge to work on your campaigns.

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Increase Lead Volumes

The key is to generate the maximum volume of leads for the lowest price possible.  But how? Quality of the lead is always a top priority.  

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Getting Noticed Gets The Leads

If your company doesn’t show up when customers are looking then they simply wont call.  Get infront of the right crowd and get the calls. 

  • Be on the top of Google
  • Focus on running your business and make sales
  • Track inbound leads
  • Generate the results you've been wanting
Leads Generated
Years Of Services

We Know How To Generate Leads

Whatever your companies goal may be we will deliver.  If its a phone call from a local market place, app downloads or an online purchase we will bring the buyers.  We take care of it all from the research to making the phone ring we have you covered.

Create the strategy

Research the market, competition and your potential customers

Track The Results

Tracking your leads to increase your Return on Investment.

Increase Your Sales

Acquisition tracking validates sales volumes

Tracking Results Is Key

Tracking the results of any marketing campaign is the key.  Don’t guess where the leads have come from, know exactly where they came from.  Your marketing dollars are precious and need to be allocated to generate the highest volume of quality leads possible.  

  • Monitor and track phone calls from on or offline campaigns
  • Analyze website visitor behaviors to increase conversions
  • Track ad copy for best results
  • Calculate the returns to ensure budgets are being spent appropriately

Build A Custom Campaign For Your Company

We will design and deploy a customized campaign specifically designed to generate whatever lead type you are looking for.  We can focus our efforts on a specific geographic region and target people searching for a specific type of business, service or product.  We have mastered the research, launch and tracking of online marketing campaigns of all sizes.  Put our industry know how to work for you.  We bring results and we are eager to bring them to you!

Discuss Your Goals

Strategy Planning



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What Clients Say?

  • We have been using digital Odyssey IT for years. We get highly qualified LOCAL leads delivered to our call center every day. They offer great customer service and and I’m constantly amazed at the depth of knowledge they bring to the table for all forms of advertising and lead generation. We prosper because of their services.

    Geoff Andrist
  • Digital Odyssey IT makes my phone ring. All my calls are recorded so I can quantify exactly how well we have done this month. They deliver the results every month and keep me and my crews busy. Its works great and I don’t have to think about my marketing or if its working any more. Peace of mind restored.

    Taj Smith
    Garage Door Company Owner
  • My practice receives a constant stream of new patients due to our efforts with Digital Odyssey IT. What is nice is that they take care of everything. From research to tracking I know that every month my advertising budget is being spent well and generating results. They also track my other advertising that is not through them to allow me to make quick decisions on their success or failures. They generate results.

    Dr. Paul Lopez